You should find answers to all your questions about RAVE REVIEWZ here. 

If not, drop us a line at admin@ravereviewz.net


Q: What is RAVE REVIEWZ all about?

A: RAVE REVIEWZ is a search & review site for raves, club nights, day sessions, festivals and other parties. You can use it to find great parties to go to, then review them afterwards to share your experiences with others and let them know what to expect.


Q: Why do we need it?

A: We often heard people complaining about how difficult it is to find info on where is good to go out. There was no centralised, easy-to-search resource containing reliable info on all the great parties going on in Sydney. RAVE REVIEWZ solves that problem!


Q: How do I find a party?

A: Simply go to the home page or click on the 'FIND AN EVENT' tab. You can click on 'SEARCH NEAR ME' to find parties in your suburb, search by event or venue name using the 'What?' box, by location using the 'Where?' dropdown or by date using the calendar in the 'When?' dropdown. Click search for your results, simple!


Q: What if I want to search using more criteria?

A: You can use the 'Filter my search' option on the results page for a more detailed search, including event type (club night? day session? festival?) and musical genre.


Q: How do I know if the event will be any good?

A: Easy. You can check out reviews of previous events by that organiser on the event page. Just click the 'previous events' tab and check out the reviews from people who have been to their past parties.


Q: Can I leave a review of the event after I've attended?

A: Yes! We would love for you to leave a review so others know what to expect from the party. All you have to do is...

1) Log in (through Facebook, Gmail or Twitter)

2) Search for the party using any of the search options

3) Fill in the review form on the event page. The more info you give the better, we want the full story!

4) Add up to 3 photos (Max 5MB each)

5) Once you're finished, you can preview before you post the review

6) You can now share your review on social media for all your mates to see


Q: What should I say in a review??

A: We'd love to hear all about your experience of that event. You'll have to enter a star rating for the event and venue out of 5 and enter your written review in the text box. Be fair and honest in your review, we want others to use your info to decide if this party is for them, but don't want people to criticise parties for no reason.


Q: What can't I say?

A: RAVE REVIEWZ has a very strict policy on abuse. We will not tolerate abuse and threats of any kind including racial or homophobic. If you engage in such behaviour, you will be banned from using the site. So be nice!


Q: How many reviews can I leave?

A: We ask that you only leave one review, but you can go back and enter another one if you forgot to mention something the first time round. 


Q: Do I get anything for leaving reviews?

A: During our launch phase, we will be giving away free tickets to events for the best reviews. At the end of our launch phase, we will also select people to become RAVE REVIEWZ FOUNDATION MEMBERSwhich will get them lots of perks and freebies in the future.


Q: What else can I find on RAVE REVIEWZ?

A: Loads. You can find lists of all the best venues and promoters in Sydney as well as interviews with all your favourite DJs and promoters on our MAGAZINE SITE.  


Q: The 'SEARCH NEAR ME' function is not showing any parties.

A: This shows parties in your suburb, so if there are no venues in the suburb you're in then nothing will show up. Best to search using the keyword, location or calendar.