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Q: How do I become a promoter or venue manager on RAVE REVIEWZ? 

A: Here's what to do...

1. LOG IN 

Click LOG IN at the top right of the home page and choose which method you will use to log in. Multiple people can be assigned to manage a venue, but only one account can be assigned to a promoter profile. So if different people will be adding events for your promotions company, it might be best to use a Gmail account that you can all access and log in through. 



Once you have logged in, you will see new options appear under the VENUES and PROMOTERS tabs - 'MANAGE MY VENUE' and 'CREATE MY PROFILE'. Simply complete and submit the relevant form - the fields are marked to show which information will be public and which will be private but don’t worry, you can edit all the info later.



We’ll approve you as soon as poss and let you know when you're ready to go.



Once approved, when you log in you will be able to access your venue manager/promoter profile directly from the 'LIST AN EVENT' tab or from the 'MANAGE MY VENUE' or 'MANAGE MY PROFILE' options under the VENUES/PROMOTERS tabs. Now you can update your profile, add or manage events and respond to event reviews... simple! 


Q: How many people can manage a venue?

A: As many as you like. Each person should LOG IN and let us know which venue they would like to be assigned to. This is best done by completing the 'MANAGE MY VENUE' request form. 


Q: How many people can enter events for a promotions company?

A: Only one LOG IN account can be assigned to each promotions company. If more that one person is likely to enter events for your promotions company, we suggest you log in through a gmail account that you can all access.


Q: I can't see the venue I manage or hold events at. How do I add it?

A: We can add new venues to the system. Just drop us a line at admin@ravereviewz.net


Q: I've logged in and just been approved as a promoter or venue manager, but I can't access my profile.

A: Try logging out of your account then logging in again, that should fix it.




Q: How do I update my profile?

A: Once approved, simply LOG IN and select 'MANAGE MY VENUE' under the VENUES tab or 'MANAGE MY PROFILE' under the PROMOTERS tab. You can edit your profile here, including your information details and images.


Q: What are the ideal dimensions for my venue or promoter profile photo?

A: The best size for the image is 790 x 445, but your Facebook cover photo should do the trick.


Q: What should I add in the weblink section of on my promoter or venue page?

A: We suggest adding a link to your Facebook page.


Q: I can't change the email address on my profile...

A: Don't worry, this is hidden. We suggest you include your Facebook page as the weblink which will allow people to contact you.




Q: How do I add an event?

A: Simple, once you are approved as a promoter or venue manager...

1. Access your profile through the 'LIST AN EVENT' tab or from the 'MANAGE MY VENUE' or 'MANAGE MY PROFILE' options under the VENUES/PROMOTERS tabs.

2. On the EVENTS tab, click the ADD AN EVENT button.

3. Complete all the relevant fields - asterisks mark compulsory fields. Select venue, event type and music genre from the dropdowns.

4. You can also add multiple photos (Max 5MB each) - the dimensions are 790 x 445, but a Facebook event cover photo will do.

5. Submit your event once you’re happy with it. If you're a promoter, either the RAVE REVIEWZ team or venue manager will approve it and you'll receive an email. If you are a venue manager, the event is approved automatically.   

6. You can also edit your events by clicking the MANAGE button, or share them by clicking the social media icons. 


Q: I can't change the promoter name on my event, it is using my personal name.

A: Don't worry, this is hidden. Your promotions company name will be shown automatically.


Q: What should I add for the website field on my event?

A: We suggest you add a link to the event, either on Facebook or a website.


Q: What should I add for the guestlist field for my event?

A: If you have an email address for guest list enquiries, you can add it here.


Q: What is the maximum size photo I can add for events?

A: You can add photos up to 5MB in size. 


Q: What if more than one promoter is organising a party?

A: Only one promoter can add an event, so if multiple promoters are organising, we suggest the main promoter adds the event. 


Q: What if my party has more than one music genre?

A: We suggest choosing the genre that best fits your party. More general options are 'electronic - mixed' or 'other'.


Q: How are the upcoming and previous events determined?

A: On event pages, these are upcoming and previous events by the same organiser. On venue and promoter pages, these are upcoming and previous events by the promoter or at the venue.


Q: What do the reoccurrence and occurrence dropdown mean?

A: This function allows you to create multiple events, e.g. if you will have the same party each week for 10 weeks. You will need to edit the details for each party individually later.


Q: I'm a venue manager, how did I approve or reject events?

A: You will receive an email when someone requests an event at your venue. LOG IN and access your venue profile through the 'MANAGE MY VENUE' option. Click on the events tab, here you'll find requested events. Click on 'MANAGE', then tick the 'PUBLISH' tickbox and click SAVE to approve the event, or you can reject it.


Q: I'm a promoter and my event was rejected, what do I do?

A: Contact the venue you created the event at. They should be able to fill you in.




Q: How do the various galleries work on the site?

A: Here's a breakdown...

EVENTS - The images in the top gallery are added by you and rotate as a carousel. The lower gallery is populated after the event when people add review images.

PROMOTER profile - The main gallery pics are added by you, the lower gallery consists of images of previous events you've added which rotate as a carousel.

VENUES - The main gallery images are added by you and rotate as a carousel, the lower gallery consists of images from previous events at your venue. 




Q: How are event ratings calculated?

A: These are an average of scores for that event.


Q: How are promoter ratings calculated?

A: Ratings for each promoter are an aggregate of ratings across their events.


Q: How are venue ratings calculated? 

A: This is an average of ratings for that venue across all events there.


Q: How do I know when someone has reviewed my event?

A: You'll receive an email to the address attached to your LOGIN method.


Q: How do I respond to a review?

A: You can respond to reviews by clicking RESPOND under the Reviews Tab. Simply type your answer and post your reply.


Q: What if I think a review is unfair or malicious?

A: If you disagree with the review, we suggest you reply to it. If you think the review is abusive or intentionally malicious, contact us on admin@ravereviewz.net to let us know us which party and the name of the reviewer. We will delete the review if we agree.